Sync with God

A revolutionary new platform that will connect people to each other and to God. One-to-one or small group. Across town or around the world.

“…ready when you are …where you are…”


Wherever there’s access to the internet, you can meet in virtual small groups to share your life, Christ’s life in you, and your spiritual journey.


It serves as the one go-to place for all the training modules, scheduling, virtual small group meetings, and media materials you choose to use and share.


Chris Sprague
Sync With God CEO
Mark Pomeroy
Co-founder & COO
Chris Cobb
Instructional Designer
Christopher “CJ” James
Multimedia Developer

At Sync with God, we are a foundation consisting of three parts. We are one part mission, one part technology and one part community.

Mission: From a mission perspective, we are focused on equipping, empowering, and being missionaries for Christ.

Technology: From a technology perspective, we are focused on building the Kingdom of Christ by providing an all-in-one platform that makes discipling others safe, effective and fun.

Community: From a community perspective, we are focused on bringing more disciples to God through community outreach, participation and intervention.

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